Don’t fall into the trap of letting your struggle define you. Your struggles are not your identity. Adversity and struggle can drastically help to shape who you are as a person. They act as a mirror, revealing to you your strengths and weaknesses in moments of pain. It can be a powerful and rewarding discipline to practice affirmations. Affirmations can help bring something into reality. If you’re struggling with finding your creativity or your voice in a relationship for instance, sometimes the practice of affirming that you already have the things you need can actually get you out of that hole or help you to find your voice.

These affirmations will help to address a wide range of issues. Say them out loud in the morning, write them on post it’s to put in your office or on your mirror. Anywhere you will see them regularly will do.

  • I am attracting abundance and happiness
  • I am worthy of healing
  • I am able to better my situation and my life
  • I release all things that no longer serve me
  • My life is full of great experiences
  • I know what is right for my highest good
  • I am moving forward with joy and trust
  • I am visionary
  • I am willing to work toward greatness
  • I am genuinely worthy of all that I desire
  • I matter and what I have to offer this world matters
  • I am worthy and capable of living the life I dream of
  • I inhale calmness and exhale my nervousness
  • I am open to new experiences and ready to inherit wisdom from change
  • I am in control of my anger
  • I have an open mind and heart
  • I have what it takes to achieve my goals
  • I am living fully and presently
  • I am vigilant in paving my new path
  • I am not alone in my fears or aspirations

Burn a candle or meditate and reflect on what you need to accomplish emotionally. Your intention is what counts the most. You can use affirmations as part of a simple affirmation, or as part of larger more complex spells and rituals. I often use affirmations as part of rituals for the New Moon. It’s a simple way to add intention and use the law of attraction.

Do you have any daily affirmations or mantras that you’d like to share? Tell us below.
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