The Beautiful Brain:

The brain is truly amazing! It has the ability to create automated programs that enable habitual ways of being. That means, if chronic ways of thinking, perceiving or reacting, are detected, the brain will create a system to perpetuate those ways of being. Unfortunately since the brain doesn’t have prejudice over these habits, negative responses will be supported as well. Making it very easy to unconsciously react in negative ways too.

For example, if you’re late all the time the brain is in collaboration with you to be late. Until you become aware of this pattern and want to change it, your brain will continue to support it. Understanding this is crucial. Consistently change thoughts from “late” to “on time” and the brain will align with actions and thoughts that are “on time,” which then develops a new program that better serves you.

Identifying these new desires can change how the brain has been conditioned to work. This ability to change our brain is known as brain plasticity or neuroplasticity.

Neuroplasticity is a fairly new concept. I learned about this concept while researching different neuroscientists. Bruce Lipton introduced me neuroplasticity. He explained that for most of our existence the brain was believed to be fixed and could only change, repair or heal itself under certain conditions or primarily during childhood. Now scientists have come to understand that the brain is somewhat “plastic” and changeable in all stages of life.

If you’d like to know more about this in depth watch this fascinating documentary – The Biology of Belief:


How Becoming More Present Can Help:

First, what is being fully present?

Being fully present is the decision to be completely engaged and emersed in the here and now, releasing any preconceptions of how the moment should unfold.

This state creates conscious decision making and new ways of being. Engaging in the present moment is a very empowering place to be. This state of awareness controls the “negative automatic pilot” from simply kicking in.

Repetition and Patience:

Repetition is key to develop a new way of being, and patience is crucial. It took a while to develop this habit so there is a chance that it may take a while to create a new one. Yet, with focus and diligence, l believe its possible for swift change, especially if you’re ready for it.

Remind yourself that you have some help, YOU are your best support. Your body will help guide you through the process. Take the time to be present, listen and follow through with a new way of being that serves you and those around you.


“In my awareness, I can support myself in positive new ways of thinking and being that will better serve me.”

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