Do you ever take a moment for yourself to listen to your body? Our vessels are remarkable and carry a wisdom of their own. Listening to your body is a way to cultivate this inherent inner wisdom.


Begin to start a practice of checking in with your self on a regular basis. It is very easy to have a day, week, month, and even a year go by with out taking a moment to digest what is currently happening in your life and those you love. We let life take over and forget that we have control. Choosing to listen keeps you connected to your true authentic self and what you really need.


I use an alarm on my cell phone to make sure that I check in throughout the day. I forget to put myself first.

Try checking in before you start eating. If you really think about it, eating is a very sacred act. It is something we all share in common. Most of us have the privilege of eating everyday. It is our responsibility to create a conversation with our bodies and understand its personal needs. This connection we have to our bodies is the reason food has healing powers. Ever heard of the saying, “You are what you eat?” Making conscious decisions for the foods you bring into your vessel automatically bring you to a higher state of consciousness and state of well being.

Tune into your body daily, be patient! You are always connected with your divine self, let go of distractions and align yourself with who you truly are.

As always, remember as you create a new practice give your self the grace to listen. A chronic way of not listening was created, it takes practice to fully receive the messages you have trained yourself to ignore.

Take a Moment:

Assess your eating habits: do you watch TV while you eat? Are you present? Do you eat while driving?… Try asking your body what it would like to eat? And respect the request, don’t listen to your mind or your ego, trust yourself if it’s a whole food.

Your mind generates the same way of being, which may not be working for you. Until you consciously decide on creating a new way of thinking, or being your ego makes you believe that you are not connected, that you are separate. In turn, it disrupts the ability to listen to your true bodies needs. The ego will demand foods that keep you distracted, rather than the foods that help feed your body to create your hair, nails, regenerate cells, fight infection…


“I cherish and listen to the body I have at this very moment.”

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